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We work with sprinkler systems of all major brands including: Irritrol, Toro, Rain Bird, and Hunter.

We service and repair all other brands of sprinkler systems such as Nelson, Orbit, Greenlawn, and even old Rain Jet, no matter who installed it or when it was installed.


Some of most common sprinkler problems:

some of my sprinkler heads continue to run though controller has turned off – this is usually a zone valve which is stuck open;

one or more of my zones don’t come on with the rest – either controller needs to be reprogramed or zone valve (or wiring to it) needs repair;

one or more of my sprinkler heads leak water after my system runs – if this leakage continues for more than an hour, you have a dirty or broken valve;


Some of our most common sprinkler repairs include:

broken sprinkler heads

inadequate water coverage (too much or too little spray)

sprinkler controller (timer) adjustments

cracked or leaking sprinkler pipes

cracked brass or copper



Lawn Sprinkler Service Labor Rates

*service call charge (up to first half hour):                                      $75.00

*service call with senior discount charge (up to first half hour):     $70.00

*this is our minimum charge per visit.


labor charge for each technician after first half hour                      $100.00 per hr

labor charge with senior discount after first half hour                     $90.00 per hr


The above rates are for labor only, and will be billed in 15 minute increments after the first half hour charge.


Lawn Sprinkler Winterization Rates

turn off (blow out) sprinkler systems up to 8 stations:                     $65.00


An additional $20 for crawl space and $5.00 per station over 8 stations will be

added to all invoices.


There might be an additional charge for more than one backflow and/or timer.

We are pleased to offer senior citizen discount 5% off on all sprinkler service calls, repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and installations.

If you’re in the west Denver metro area, including:


  • Denver

  • Littleton

  • Golden 

  • Wheat Ridge 

  • Arvada 

  • Lakewood 


Please call to schedule an appointment for a free estimate on a sprinkler system installation, design, repair, or maintenance, 303.895.7960.


Lawn & Garden Sprinkler Services

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